DC30(1000) (1000mm x 500mm x 30mm)



DC 30(1000) Drainage Cell Description:
– Industrial Grade
– Lightweight
– Can be stacked up to suit various height requirements
– Sub-surface drainage
– Male/Female interlocking system at the sides to securely form a platform for various usage
– Acts as a protection medium for water proofing membrane in applications such as roof decks & planter boxes

Product Dimension 30mm(H)x500mm(W)x100mm(L)

Various Usage – Aquarium filter separator for aquarium
– Can be used as filter layer at the base of koi pond(Biological System)
– Can be a separator within koi pond/Swimming pool chamber – prevent mosquito breeding , by placing below potted plants / planter boxes for outdoor & corridor areas
– Use as a floor protection for the van/lorry tailboard

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