NBS Lime Sulphur 250ml


Lime sulphur is a mixture of calcium hydroxide and sulphur.
In horticultural dormant sprays, lime sulphur is usually mixed with an oil, like mineral oil, to make it stick to plant surfaces. These horticultural oil sprays contain a high concentration of lime sulphur that is only safe to use on plants that are dormant, because the sulfur can burn leaf tissues.
Lime sulphur can also be mixed in a much weaker concentration with water for use when plants have leafed out. Even in lower concentrations and diluted with water, it is important not to spray lime sulfur on plants during hot, sunny days, as the sulphur can cause sunscald on plants.



  • Effective treatment of fungal diseases such as powdery mildew, anthracnose black spots, blight, black rot.
  • Safe to use on fruits.
  • Suitable to treat fungal diseases of ornamental plants like roses, dogwood, ninebark, garden phlox and rudbeckia.
  • Effective treatment for pest and insect control.
  • Cost-effective.

Foliar spray: 2 ml to 1 L of water
Soil Application: 1L per 1000 sqm
Apply every 2 to 3 weeks.


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