Neem Fertiliser 1Kg/5Kg/25Kg


100% organic certified

  • Good organic fertiliser with capability to prevent pest infestation
  • Helps control soil pests and insects
  • Use in compost or soil application
  • Organic without unpleasant odour, use in high density urban areas
  • Dual Function as fertilizer and pesticide
  • When applied with Nitrogenous fertiliser, it slows the conversion of nitrogenous compounds into nitrogen gas, thus making Nitrogen available to plants for a longer time
  • Excellent soil enricher & conditioner
  • Reduce growth in soil pest & bacteria , helps in recovery of previously damaged nematode affected crops
  • Provide slow release macro nutrients & trace elements essential for plant growth
  • Helps to increase plant yield in the long run
  • Rich in organic carbon, eco friendly & 100% safe to earthworms
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1kg, 5kg, 25kg


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