Pre-Grown Saplings


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Purchase our pre-grown sapling & transfer it onto your planter boxes to start your own gardening!
Pre-Order only $12 for any variety of sapling $15 Refundable Deposit for the sapling tray that we provide.
One Chinese Cabbage Sapling will be $12+$15 (Refundable tray deposit)
Two xiao bai chye sapling will be $24+$15 (Refundable tray deposit)
Sapling Choices:
  1. Chinese Cabbage ($12)
  2. Mustard Green Pakchoy ($12)
  3. Lettuce ($12)
  4. Xiao bai chye ($12)
  5. Chinese Celery ($12)
  6. Hong Kong Chye Sim ($12)
  7. Purple chye xim ($12)
  8. Japanese Kailan ($12)
  9. US kalian ($12)
  10. Kailan ($12)
  11. Jiu chai – Chinese Chives ($40)
  12. Nai bai cai – Baby white pak choy
  13. Spinach ($12)
  14. Tang Oh ($12)
T&Cs -Pre-order only, we will advise you on your collection date
Payment to be made via PayLah!/PayNow/bank transfer
We’re not responsible for any damages if you never collect your sapling on our given date as sapling will overgrow in a day or two.
Feel free to drop me a call/Whatapps message at 8114 6829 or email us at [email protected]
Do note that full payment is to be made before ordering/collection
Feel free to consult us to clarify your doubts!

Chinese Cabbage, Chinese Celery, Hong Kong Chye Sim, Japanese Kailan, Jiu chai – Chinese Chives, Kailan, Lettuce, Mustard Green Pakchoy, Nai bai cai – Baby white pak choy, Purple chye xim, Spinach, Tang Oh, US kalian, Xiao bai chye


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