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Landscape Implementation

Designing your own living and working spaces can sometimes be a bit of a hassle, not to mention the trouble of setting it up yourself! 

Which is why we provide free consultation , high grade materials, and specialized services so that your garden set-up gets off to the best start. 

Gardening Solution can help you with our customised set of products and services. From turning dull space to nature themed space via artificial turf , urban farming, plants , fiber glass tank water features & green walls. we are sure to have something that meets your specific requirements!



Horticultural Maintenance

Doing landscaping and maintaining your garden takes time and expertise, and one of the best ways to keep your greenery neat and eye-catching is with professional help. 

Starting your own garden can be complicated let alone on the hassle of maintenance 

We provide weekly/monthly horticultural maintenance at a time convenient for you. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our horticulture services!

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Handmayman Works

Looking to fix something? We provide handyman services too. Feel free to send us your problem & we’ll find a way to solve your problem within our means!


Wooden Deck


Looking to spruce up an event venue for a big day? 

Our ancillary services also include event preparation. We have worked on several high key events, wedding solemnization ceremonies, and home improvement projects in Singapore.

Book a free consultation today, and we can discuss how to make your next event stand out!

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Have a Look at Our Latest Projects

We are proud to have helped many clients with their roof terrace ,events and projects. We have helped many local homes and commercial locations on Artificial Turf, Carpet Grass , Urban Farming Edible Crops  and other installations to beautify the settings. Beyond the retail of gardening equipment and materials, we have also been involved with supporting many private and commercial events like wedding solemnization ceremonies!